What is blogging?

What is blogging and how to make money from it?

Hey guys,

Are you a blogger or want to be a blogger? Do you want to learn what is blogging and how to make money from it? Do you see your carrier in blogging ahead. If your answer is YES, then is post may be beneficial for you.

Today, So many people are finding their carrier in blogging, and there are so many reasons for this. First of all is you don’t have your Boss. You have time flexibility and most important thing is you can earn as much as you work hard.

I am also a blogger since last 4 yrs and I have learnt so many thing in blogging by doing so many experiments. I can give you correct information about blogging, which can help you to be a successful blogger.

In this post, we will learn about blogging like what is blogging and how to make money from it?, What is blogging website?, How to write a blog?, what is blogging and how does it work?, what is blogging in digital marketing? etc. So let’s start it.

What is blogging?

When you write some article on any subject and share it with people through different search engines with the help of internet and generate some revenue from it, is called Blogging. You can write about anything in which you have proper knowledge and people want to read it. After writing you can share this with world with the help of search engine.

Remember, you must write on that topic in which you have proper knowledge and interest. Don’t copy anything from others blog. If you do this, you will never be successful in blogging. You must write your articles in your own words. Yes, you can take help and ideas from others blog but don’t copy it.

What is blogging website?

Any website which contains article on specific topic and generate some revenue by showing ads and other methods, is called a blogging website.

How does blogging work?

When you write a blog and publish it, search engine like google use your blog to answer the questions asked by people. It redirects the visitors to your blog for the answer. If your blog clears their doubts or they likes your blog, then search engines send more and more visitors to your blog. This is how blogging works.

What do you need to setup your blog?

You just need only four things to start your blog-

  • Domain– it is a name for your website that you choose. It helps the visitor to reach to your website directly by just typing the name of your website or blog on search engines. It is in the form of www.xyz.com or www.xyz.in.  You can buy your domain from many service provider like godaddy.com or hostinger.com or googledomains.com.
  • Hosting– The next important thing you need is a good hosting service, to make your website live on internet  24hrs. There are so many hosting plans are available, please do proper research before buying anyone.
  • Theme- The next thing is a user friendly theme. Theme helps you to manage the outlook of your website. It gives you customization facility for your website design.
  • CMSCMS stands for Content Management System. I always prefer WordPress. Because it is very easy to use and completely free. 75% of total website available on internet are based on WordPress CMS.

How to write a blog?

Firstly, choose a niche or a topic on which you want to write a blog. Find all the doubts that people have about that. Do proper research and try to give all information and answers of all questions related to that topic in very easy words. Do proper SEO and submit this to search engines. We will learn about this in details in next post.

How to make money from blogging?

There are so many ways to make money from blogging, Here we will discuss in brief-

By ads Network

If your blog is ready and enough number of visitors are coming to your blog, then you can apply for ads. I always prefer Google adsense as ads network. But you can apply in other ads network also. Once your blog is approved for ads, it will start showing ads in blog. When a visitor come to your blog and click on any ad, you will be paid.

By affiliate link

You can also insert your affiliate link of different products in your post. If any visitor click on the link any purchase the product, you will receive the commission amount in your bank account.

Promote other’s website link

If your website has enough number of visitors, than you can give a link of others website or blog in your blog and in return you will be paid by the website owner.

What is blogging in computer?

You can start a blog with computer and with a mobile also. But if you do blogging in large scale, then you need a computer. Because mobile blogging can give you limited features and customization and computer blogging can give you a lots of features and customization. So if your blog is mobile based, than it is called mobile blogging and when you use computer, it is called blogging in computer.

What is blogging in digital marketing?

See, digital marketing means the all buying-selling and promotion of product are in digital form. It means when you promote any brand or any specific product to the targeted and potential group of customers with the help of internet and other digital medium, this is called digital marketing.

Now, suppose you have to promote a brand of any products by digital marketing, than what will you do? You will make a promotional video or will write a descriptive article on this brand. You can share the video on facebook, Youtube and other social media, but how will you share the article?

On that condition, Blogging can help you. Just make a website or a blog and publish that article. This is called blogging in digital marketing.

What is blogging platforms?

A blogging platform is a type of software, where a user can create, manage and publish a content world-wide in the form of text through a blog with the help of domain, hosting, theme, and CMS.

There are so many blogging platforms are available. Few names are  here-

  • WordPress
  • Quora
  • Linkedin
  • Medium
  • Wix
  • Google blogspot

WordPress is best blogging platform among all.

So here is the some basic information about what is blogging and how to make money from it?, what is blogging in digital marketing?, what is blogging and how does it work?, how to write a blog?.

I hope your all doubts are now cleared. If you have any question about blogging, please feel free to ask in comment section. Please visit our website regularly for learn blogging.Thank you.

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